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Listening, Understanding, Optimizing, Executing = Delivering Success

A truly innovative and holistic approach when developing business relationships with our esteemed Clients and trusted Partners


Who We Are

Silberblau Invest AG, based in Altendorf (Kanton Schwyz) Switzerland, has been incorporated by a team of highly experienced and skilled professionals, carrying a multi-year combined expertise in the International Financial and Investment Markets.

What We Do

We provide tailor-made Business and Financial Advisory services to private and public companies in Europe and the Middle East.

Our core competence is the development, support and value-adding to transactions (Buyouts, Strategic Partnerships, Joint Ventures) that lead to long term benefits and sustainable growth for our Clients.

Additionally, we deploy internal resources (our Company’s own Funds and our Team’s extended know-how) to develop a selected and diversified portfolio of investment participations (usually as minority stakeholders) in start-up companies and unique business projects, in cooperation with high-profile trusted Partners.

About Us

Business Advisory

Sector Focus

Food (Production, Processing, Distribution, Retail), Telecoms & Satcoms, Leisure-Tourism and Sustainable Energy. Our Team can provide you upon request and following a private contact, with an overview of specific transactions that we have successfully executed so far.


We intentionally handle only a limited inflow of business mandates per year. Thus, we have the privilege to significantly personalize our services and create a private, loyal and productive relationship with our Clients.

What We Offer

Fees Policy

On top of our strong commitment, we prefer to co-relate our Professional Fees, in certain cases at full, with the positive outcome of the mandated transaction/project.

Consequently, we strongly align our financial interests with the success of our Clients.

Long-Term Relationship

In several transaction deals, following execution, we are honored by our Clients to be invited as participants in the Post-Deal process in order to support their interests and the project’s future evolution as their dedicated Business and Strategy Advisor.



We develop a continuously growing portfolio of investment participations (minority stakes) in innovation-driven start-ups and special projects, financed by internal resources (company funds), with a balanced diversification among the sectors of our core competence.


Our company’s vision and strategy through the investment participations in start-ups is to become part of a broader group of skilled and ambitious entrepreneurs, who, through innovation and good values can positively affect, motivate and influence our community’s business and social life in the years to come: the generation next.

Special Projects

Our participation in special projects has a primary target to generate value-added and sustainable returns in the longer term, while developing solid and loyal business relationships with leading companies and business people in each industry sector that we invest.

Why Us



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